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Monday, January 27, 2014


Praise and worship changes the atmosphere and releases the presence of God into the circumstance or situation.  Being a worship musician and leader I have learned the power of praise and worship.  I really became aware of what worship can do on the streets of San Francisco and for almost 9 years led worship at Powell and Market streets weekly at our "Project Light" outreaches.  Why is worship so powerful?  First, it is warfare.  II Chronicles 20 the king of Israel, Jehosaphat, was told to send the singers to the head of the battle.  Unusual and seemingly fatal in the natural.  But  God was teaching Jehosaphat and power that releasing God's presence can have on the enemy.  This huge army that surrounded Israel was threatening and seemingly undefeatable.  But God caused the enemy to turn on each other and kill themselves.  The end result was it took three days just to gather all the spoils of the battle and even then they could not carry all the bounty home!  I saw over and over this happen on the streets of San Francisco.  When the enemy's demonic presence would seemingly block or try and stop the move of God, praise and worship would break through!.  We always would sing about the blood of Jesus and the whole atmosphere would change.  We were being attacked through a march of over 1,000 radicals as we were preparing to worship at Union Square right in the center of San Francisco.  The leader of the march came to me as we had just set up the equipment and were ready to began worship.  He said, "We are coming this way shortly and we are taking over Union Square and nothing you can do can stop us!"  Breathing out threatnings, Satan was trying to initiate fear in us. I became bold in the Spirit and said, "Your too late, someone else has already taken over!"  He said, "Well who is that?"  I said "Jesus Christ is here and he rules".  His response was, "You will see when all our marchers arrive."  He walked off and I cried to the Lord and said, "Help us!"  I heard clearly, "start your worship immediately and I will cover you".  So the worship team began to praise and worship and here came the radical marchers.  When they hit the square they absolutely began walking around as blind men.  They simply dissolved and scattered.  The police were there and said they had never seen anything like this and told us to just continue doing what we were doing.
Second, it is witness.  Worship is a declaration of the presence and power of God on earth as it is in heaven!  It addresses God's wondrous glory and goodness.  I have seen people come forward for healing, deliverance and salvation during worship without any altar call.  They are simply drawn into the presence of God.  Jesus is universally attractive and when we lift Him up, He draws all men to Himself.  Third it is wondrous.  It build's the spirit man and makes us sensitive to hear His voice.  It declares the creative power of God and the redemptive power.  These two themes are both mentioned in Rev. 4 & 5 as being the central theme's of heaven's worship by the angels, 24 elders and the 4 cheribums around the altar.  It takes us higher into the realm of the glory of God.  It transcends earth and brings heaven to earth.  There are literal angels of the presence of God that come immediately from the throne room to planet earth to accompany God's presence.  I have felt them so many times on the streets.  Try praise and worship in your life and see for yourself the effect it has on you.  You can listen 24/7 to our worship TV channel at WATV WORSHIP TV.  Just turn it on your cell phone or computer and enjoy God's presence. 

Friday, January 24, 2014


Please join me weekly at 10:00 am Wednesday Morning for a live study online of the book of Revelation.  We have been receiving a lot of download from the Holy Spirit on greater revelation of Jesus Christ.  The book of Revelation is primarily about Jesus not just a book of prophecy.  This is Jesus "Action Plan" for the end of this age.  It is His agenda on how to cleanse the earth of all evil so He can reign with us, His bride, for 1,000 years called the millennium and then be with us for eternity in the recreated "new heaven and earth".  I call it the "Jesus Love Letter to the Church".  It reveals His heart of love for us and His desire to walk in intimacy with us His people.  When we see how it all ends, it makes living daily in this age much more purposeful.  In light of eternity, we have small trials in this current time.  We also are not the children of "darkness" that that day, His return, shall overtake us as a thief.  We prophetically understand His end-time plan for us and our family, our business and our lives. God is definitely bringing us renewed revelation for this coming period called the tribulation on earth.  Satan will throw everything he can to discourage and defeat us, but Jesus has given us the power to "persist" to the end.  In fact, this is the main characteristic Jesus says will be the description of the saints..."the patience of the saints".  He honors our faith walk and in the end will reward us for our persistence in the middle of persecution.  I thank God for the fresh insights and joy I have experienced in preparing for these studies weekly.  Kingdom Life University is a platform to bring the pure word of God to our hearts.  Please go to the Kingdom Life University  website to register if you want to learn more about increasing in the knowledge of the grace and person of Christ.  


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sound Doctine - Power of the Word

God's word is God's power unto salvation to everyone who believes.  Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.  (Hebrews 11)  "The word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart."  (Hebrews 4:12) You cannot measure the power of God's word in human terms.  It will absolutely deliver you from every force on earth that opposes God.  But you must understand it, apply it and believe it.  That is why SOUND DOCTRINE is foundational to effective kingdom living.  But many people do not have an understanding of the basics of systematic, contextual biblical knowledge. Most are limited to truth that does not come out of balanced teaching exegetically through the bible.  To gain wisdom you need to compare scripture with scripture. That is the only protection from deception.  Satan misquoted the bible in Jesus temptation. Satan said "for it is written..." to Jesus.  He said to Eve. "God hath indeed said..." in Genesis.  Most cults choose only certain distinct scriptures and build their false doctrine on them out of the context of the entire bible.  Paul said, "All scripture is given by inspiration and is profitable for doctrine..."  Again he said, "Rightly dividing the word of God."  That is why I have launched Through the Bible teaching chapter by chapter.  I teach from Acts to Revelation (165 chapters) in 3 days of 24/7 online streaming broadcast.  You can download our "App" on your android phone or device.  Just go to google "Play store" and search for "kbbnetwork".  Install it and drag it to your phone or pad face.  With just one touch you can be listening to the word of God being taught systematically, exegetically and contextually chapter by chapter through the entire New Testament.  This extensive teaching took two solid years of study and audio recording daily. If you like video, you can also view the books of Matthew and Revelation on my online video channel at.. THROUGH THE BIBLE VIDEO


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Prophetic Word for 2014

I always spend time between Christmas and New Years seeking God for a prophetic word for the coming year.  This year 2014 has been a little unique.  It really began around the first of December as I began seeing constant sequences of the number 4.  I tried to just pass it off but it became so repetitive that I could not ignore it.  They always came in series of 444. Not less than a dozen times I remained focused on the object  showing 444 for some time trying to understand what it meant.  My clock in my bedroom appear 3 times at 4:44 when I woke up and I looked at the time. My odometer on my car was always set at 000 when I filled the tank and at least 5 times I looked at the odometer and it was always at 444.  So I asked the good Lord if there was any significance in this.  It is now January 1st and I always write what I believe God is showing me for the next year.  Four is the number of earth in the bible.  The earth has four corners, four seasons, four elements, four angels that encompass it and I could go on and on.  The four cherubim around the throne of God have the faces of four different beings on earth and are definitely associated with the end-time purpose of God in fulfilling the completion of earth's events. I begin to study further and here is what I sense God is saying.  There are going to be significant events on the earth beginning 2014  that will have world-wide impact and especially with Israel.  I believe Damascus is irrecoverable and according to Isaiah 17 will continue to self-destruct. Damascus is the oldest city in the world and her name is associated with the number 4.  I believe the four blood moons starting on April 15th that correlate with the four coming feasts of Israel will bring a strong shift in Israel's existence.  Each time these four blood moons appeared in recent history past something significant happened with Israel.  First was the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus that gave Jews a safe haven for these two hundred years, second was the founding of Israel as a nation in 1948 and the third was the six day war in 1967 that Israel won over Egypt. I believe events happening on planet earth are going to be accelerated in 2014 in preparation for the coming "Day of the Lord". Could it be the soon beginning of Daniel's 70th week?  Is the antichrist coming soon to establish his rule?  Are the four horsemen of the apocalypse upon us?  I do know God is saying to the bride of Christ, prepare yourself for what is about to happen on planet earth.  I believe the key word for 2014 is the word "FULLNESS".  We are going to begin to see the fullness of things ordered from God's throne and purpose for this age.  Fullness of harvest, fullness of historic events in the heavens, fullness of catastrophic natural disasters, and the beginning of the fullness of the Gentiles on earth.  Let's be awake, be aware and be wise.  To learn more about 2014 and the book of Revelation studies please go to Kingdom Life University's new website at KLU.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kingdom Life University Worldview

Kingdom Life University represents education through a kingdom world view.  Jesus said, "This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world unto all nations, then end will come."  Matthew 24:14.  KLU's founder, Jerry Brandt has been in ministry now for 50 years, much of it on the front lines of national and international evangelism, street ministry and broadcast on radio and television.  Jerry brings to KLU the experience of training churches through practical outreach and evangelism teaching .   His school of kingdom witnessing teaches this form of authority evangelism. 

What is a kingdom world view? The gospel of the kingdom of God is mentioned 153 times in the New Testament.  It is a gospel of the authority of Jesus Christ as King over all things.  It means releasing Jesus authority on earth "Now" through "power evangelism" and in the future as He reigns in person on earth. Jerry is passionate about preparing the bride of Christ, the church, to learn the principles of "reigning in life" now.  This KINGDOM mentality makes Kingdom Life University unique from most Christian colleges and Universities.  It is not just higher education, it is kingdom power and authority teaching.  Jerry has practiced this kind of evangelism now since 1976 when He received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Jerry shares his story.  "I was on a mountain side outside of Estes Park, Colorado waiting on God when I felt a clear message come to my spirit from the Holy Spirit.  He said I was to focus the rest of my ministry on the 'Kingdom of God'.  I hardly knew what that meant coming out of a strong dispensational, fundamentalist Baptist background and graduating from Bob Jones University. I spent the next 8 years diligently seeking God and studying everything I could on the 'Kingdom of God'. It has been a journey into the realm of revelation on how Jesus Christ's authority works in my life and on planet earth today." 

Kingdom Life University is now positioned to take this message around the world with 53 national directors in 19 nations leading multiple campuses and equipping thousands of international students.  KLU is now launching campuses in the USA!  If your church is interested in more information about a TURNKEY KLU campus you can simply fill out this form.  KLU USA CAMPUS   If you know of any student interested in this kind of training please fill out this form.  USA student inquiry