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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Prophetic Word for 2014

I always spend time between Christmas and New Years seeking God for a prophetic word for the coming year.  This year 2014 has been a little unique.  It really began around the first of December as I began seeing constant sequences of the number 4.  I tried to just pass it off but it became so repetitive that I could not ignore it.  They always came in series of 444. Not less than a dozen times I remained focused on the object  showing 444 for some time trying to understand what it meant.  My clock in my bedroom appear 3 times at 4:44 when I woke up and I looked at the time. My odometer on my car was always set at 000 when I filled the tank and at least 5 times I looked at the odometer and it was always at 444.  So I asked the good Lord if there was any significance in this.  It is now January 1st and I always write what I believe God is showing me for the next year.  Four is the number of earth in the bible.  The earth has four corners, four seasons, four elements, four angels that encompass it and I could go on and on.  The four cherubim around the throne of God have the faces of four different beings on earth and are definitely associated with the end-time purpose of God in fulfilling the completion of earth's events. I begin to study further and here is what I sense God is saying.  There are going to be significant events on the earth beginning 2014  that will have world-wide impact and especially with Israel.  I believe Damascus is irrecoverable and according to Isaiah 17 will continue to self-destruct. Damascus is the oldest city in the world and her name is associated with the number 4.  I believe the four blood moons starting on April 15th that correlate with the four coming feasts of Israel will bring a strong shift in Israel's existence.  Each time these four blood moons appeared in recent history past something significant happened with Israel.  First was the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus that gave Jews a safe haven for these two hundred years, second was the founding of Israel as a nation in 1948 and the third was the six day war in 1967 that Israel won over Egypt. I believe events happening on planet earth are going to be accelerated in 2014 in preparation for the coming "Day of the Lord". Could it be the soon beginning of Daniel's 70th week?  Is the antichrist coming soon to establish his rule?  Are the four horsemen of the apocalypse upon us?  I do know God is saying to the bride of Christ, prepare yourself for what is about to happen on planet earth.  I believe the key word for 2014 is the word "FULLNESS".  We are going to begin to see the fullness of things ordered from God's throne and purpose for this age.  Fullness of harvest, fullness of historic events in the heavens, fullness of catastrophic natural disasters, and the beginning of the fullness of the Gentiles on earth.  Let's be awake, be aware and be wise.  To learn more about 2014 and the book of Revelation studies please go to Kingdom Life University's new website at KLU.


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