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Friday, March 21, 2014

Book of Revelation - Timeline of end time events ch. 1 - 22

Having finished the 22 chapter study of the book of Revelation, I will teach one more study on the prophetic time-line of Revelation chapters 1 through 22.  This study will give you the best picture of how the church age and tribulation look from beginning to end.  This is Jesus final "Action Plan" for the end of this age.  This is truly the completion of all things that we now see on planet earth.  Daniel was told to "seal" the book until the time of the end.  John was told to "reveal" the book and unseal it that all may understand at the end of this age.  Then John says, "Blessed is he who reads this book and understands the prophecy and keeps the things written in it."  Why are we so blessed to understand this final revelation of Jesus Christ?  Because it allows us to "make ourselves ready" as the bride for the coming bridegroom.  Jesus will prepare His people called the "bride of Christ" both Jew and Gentile, and we will be tuned in to the Holy Spirit's voice so in Revelation 22 it is both the "Spirit and the bride" saying come Lord Jesus.  I have well called the book of Revelation Jesus "Love Letter to the Church".  Revelation 1 starts out with the declaration, "Him who loved us and gave Himself for us..."  Revelation 2 & 3 explains everything that keeps us from intimacy with Christ's love and the seven churches are to return to "their first love".  Chapter 4 & 5 talks about the throne room which is the source of God's love.  Revelation 6 - 19  talks about the extent Jesus is willing to go through to cleanse this earth of all evil and prepare a place to reign with us and live with His bride.  Babylon, the great harlot is destroyed completely (which is the world economic, political and religious systems) in this section of Revelation.  It is Jesus "Cleansing power of love".  And final Revelation 20 - 22 talks about His eternal purpose of love and the final abiding place of God's throne with man as heaven joins earth and the "New Jerusalem" His city bride unites with the people "Bride" His church for our permanent abode.  God now tabernacles with man for eternity!   Don't miss this final study, you will be blessed to have greater revelation of the end-times.  You can find all the studies on the book of Revelation at our Kingdom Life University online web site.

                                   Book of Revelation - Revealed. Timeline Ch. 1 -  22  

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