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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Kingdom Life University - School of Media & Productions

We are excited to announce the opening of our new WATV movie channel!  This will feature some of the best of high definition movies featuring biblical themes.  Our first major feature is the book of John portrayed in beautiful high definition.  This is best viewed by opening up your screen to full picture and wearing headsets while viewing.  I have just watched this major movie and it is very accurate to the biblical text. I was repeatedly stirred to tears to see the powerful portrayal of the life of Jesus Christ on full screen as recorded in the book of John. We will be adding the best of HD movies as we develop our WATV movie channel.  Our Kingdom Life University is also in the process of opening our fourth school of academia.... the School of Media & Production. We have just purchased three 4-k cameras and a full suite of editing tools.  4-k is the standard for large screen as shown in all current movie theaters.  This format has recently become available to Universities and consumers outside of Hollywood. This is literally 10 times the quality of High Definition and will allow us to make movies in the future as well as produce our KLU courses in the highest quality now available. Our production department will also be available to assist ministries and churches in setting up their own production studio to our same standards.  We have been approved by Hewlett Packard to help promote some of their latest hardware tools available for studio building and production.  4-K requires at least 32 to 64 Gigs of ram for rendering videos.  We feel that we should, as best possible, carry a spirit of excellence for the glory of Jesus Christ and His kingdom when it comes to video production and the arts and science of movie making.  You can enjoy the list of chosen movies now available.  Remember you can drop down the "Playlist" in the upper left and corner for the list of movies.

                                             WATCH WATV MOVIE CHANNEL CLICK HERE


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