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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Living the Resurrected Life - Romans 6

Overcoming the flesh is possibly the biggest issue of our Christian life.  One person has said, "You can be victorious today, but give the flesh one nights rest and it is ready to take over in the morning"!  How true.  Paul the apostle dealt with this issue in Romans 6.  He actually gives us the solution!  Now that's significant.  The key according to Paul is something he calls identification with Christ.  That is done by faith not works.  Do you know there is nothing you can do to overcome the flesh!  It is already done!  But we must identify with it by faith. Everything that really works in the Christian life is done by faith!  Christ fulfilled all righteousness for us and for us to add to it insults His work. So what is our part?  We must believe we are crucified with Him, buried with Him, risen with Him, seated with Him and now reigning with Him!  Too simple. Maybe that's why it isn't working for you.  Name one New Year resolution that really stuck?  We stumble over the simplicity of Christ. We take classes on how to overcome, we make resolutions, commitments and try the best we can in the flesh. In fact we have been working on some sins for years without good results of overcoming.  Paul says, "How can we that are dead to sin live any longer in it?"  Paul takes us through three steps of faith.  First to KNOW about this truth.  Second is to RECON it for yourself and third is to YIELD yourselves to God's Spirit as having done the first two.  The key then is focusing on the person of Christ. Stop focusing on the sin... it will only get worse!  Paul says to Timothy, "meditate on these things, give yourself wholly to them, that you profiting may appear unto all.  For in doing this you will both save yourself and them that hear you." Paul says that Romans 6 is about SANCTIFICATION not salvation.  He already has dealt with all the doctrines of salvation in Romans 1 - 5.  Sanctification is Christ's IMPARTED righteousness given to us to make us holy. Wow does that sound too deep?  Imparted simply means Christ gives us HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS to us and we receive it daily by faith.  We literally cloth ourselves daily in His righteousness... again it's to KNOW, RECON & YEILD to the power of the Holy Spirit by faith to perform His word in us.  It's that simple!  

Paul says, "Clothed in His righteousness alone".  The Pharisee big mistake was trying to establish their own righteousness.  Most religious people today are still doing the same thing
and wondering why their Christian life is so shallow.  The three greatest words in the New Testament are when Christ said, "It is finished".  Take less than  30 minutes to watch this could change your life!

                                                Romans 6 - Living the resurrected life!  

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Romans - The Just Shall Live by Faith

The Book of Romans has affected more great Christian leaders than any book of the bible. The simple phrase,"The just shall live by faith" changed the hearts of men like Saint Augustine. John Wesley was saved listening to the reading of Luther's commentary on Romans.  Martin Luther formed the reformation around the book of Romans. This book creates a foundation of faith based on true doctrines like righteousness,  justification, propitiation, redemption, identification, adoption, election and sanctification.  Unless you understand these doctrines, you cannot understand who you are in Christ nor understand what Christ has done for you.  
   Reformer John Calvin wrote that "If a man understands Romans he has a sure road open to him to the understanding of the whole Scripture." Gleason Archer concurs, saying, "There is no more complete compendium of the Christian doctrine in the sixty-six books of the Bible than the Epistle to the Romans." Likewise, Dr. Lloyd-Jones called it "a colossal and incomparable statement of Christian truth."  
   Paul outlined his own writings when he wrote II Timothy 3:16  "All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine (Romans), for reproof (I & II Corinthians) for correction (Galations) and for instruction in righteousness (Philippians, Ephesians & Colossians).  Romans is the beginning of understanding the new testament.  I challenge you to take the time and effort to renew your understanding of this great salvation that has appeared to all men and by which we are saved. It will bring a new appreciation of the person of Jesus Christ and His absolute provision for us.  Romans answers the sin question entirely.  It answers the question of how we overcome the flesh entirely. It makes clear and concise statements about homosexuality and lesbianism.  It answers the questions of Israel and the church and the final restoration of Israel in the end of this age.  It answers the questions of how we should operate under our government, oppressive or not.  Romans will unlock the keys to the "mind of Christ" that we should have toward ourselves and our world. It will clearly affect your World-View.  It has the power to bring another reformation!

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