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Friday, November 14, 2014

Power of Worship

There is a force available to us that can change the atmosphere over our lives, our homes and our city.  It is the power of worship.  David knew this when he brought the ark of the covenant into Jerusalem.  In fact, James in the book of Acts says that David's tabernacle was the key to the Gentile harvest.  "After this I will return and will rebuild the tabernacle of David, which has fallen down; I will rebuild its ruins, and I will set it up; so that the rest of mankind may seek the Lord, even the Gentiles who are called by my name, says the Lord who does all these things."  Acts 15:16 - 17  What is the tabernacle of David?  It is the place where God's presence dwells.  David knew that the future for Israel and the city of Jerusalem's blessing rested on bringing God's presence over the city.  We can do this with high worship and praise.  I have seen it happen in cities like San Francisco.  We did a major event called, "Light the Stick" and a businessman from S.F. paid for the use of the large Candlestick Park, where the 49rs play football.  This stadium filled and our ministry along with several others put the event together.  Thousands of people gathered and we worshiped for 4 hours.  Something was released over the city and churches following that event began to spring up all over the city. There is awesome power in worship as it provides a portal joining heaven to earth.  God dwells among the praises of His people.  In His presence is fullness of Joy and pleasures forever more.  I have found worship to be the key to our years of outreach on the streets of San Francisco as we went weekly for 7 years to Powell and Market streets to reach the homeless.  We always first worshiped for at least 45 minutes and establish the presence of God over the area.  Many miracles of healing and deliverance happened during that 45 minutes.  We are now providing a WORSHIP CHANNEL of some of the most anointed worship available on the internet.  You can open this channel daily and enter into the anointed presence of God.  I believe we have chosen some of the best worship music I have ever heard.  Just go to WATV WORSHIP CHANNEL and enjoy worship in the background as you browse the web.  Here is a sample:



Saturday, November 8, 2014

Google Tools Combined for Top SEO - Kingdom Life University IT Department

I covered the four important google tools to start your basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in an earlier post.  Now I will show you how to combine these four tools to drive you to top of google serach.  These four tools work together for maximum effectiveness.  Remember google loves their own products so play on that!

1. Remember to open your gmail account... it will give you the google bar if you open your browser with Chrome.  Across the top of your page will be all the google tools.  Each time you start you computer, make sure you open it with the google search address.  That gives you immediate access to google tools like Youtube, your blog, google+ and other items.

2. Second, go to your google blogspot blog and post your content.  Through the many templates you can set up a beautiful google blog for free and it will function like a website. The blog icon on your drop down menu beside your picture with the 6 dots, will look like this.

3. After completing your post on your blog, make a short video on your cell phone or video camera and upload it to your Youtube channel.  You should have opened up your Youtube channel from my earlier post.  Now after uploading your video, go back to your post.  Hit the video icon at the top and it will give you the option to place your video on your blog post.  It will actually ask you for your Youtube videos.  Select the one associated with your post content and it will download and play live right on your post.

4. After your post is published on your blog, there will be many options to promote your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, and other sites...  

5. Chrome, gmail and the google address automatically combines all the google tools for you each time you open up your browser with Chrome.  The rest will be easy and once you have set everything up, you can post daily or at least weekly.  It will well be worth your time. Then after a few days, began looking for yourself on google search.  You might be surprised.  To learn more about effectively communicating your message to the world go to kingdom Life University and WATV World Acion Radio and Television Network.

How to set up Video production in your church - Kingdom Life University Media department

Most churches think to be on world-wide television and radio is impossible!  With the latest technologies and very inexpensive quality equipment, you can now have a full 4k (four times better the High Definition) three camera, video switcher for 4k, and a powerful computer and editing suite for less than $12,000. With these items alone, you can launch a top level production center and begin broadcasting your live streaming 24/7 television station on our network.  We here at Kingdom Life University provide you with the Radio and Television network to broadcast world-wide for only a few dollars a month.  Here is the equipment we recommend:

1. The New Powerful Sony AX100 4k camera.  Only           $1,999.00 each
2. The Blackmagic video switcher for 4k  -                           $1,800.00
3. The fast and powerful Asus computer for video editing    $   999.00   
4. Sony Vegas Pro 13 Editing Suite.                                     $   399.00     
This baby screams with a fast video card and 16 gig ram 8 processor, with a full 1 TB HDD memory.  

 These three items form the center of your video equipment needed to get started and produce very high level productions.  You will need camera tripods, cords, lighting and audio and other minor equipment.  Believe me, we can help you build your video department and place you on our world-wide Radio and Television network of great broadcasters. World-wide television and radio is now a reality for the price of your cell phone plan monthly.  We have just signed a contract with Roku, Amazon (Fire Stick) & Google (Chromecast).  This goes into approximately 30 million homes with broadcast.  You will have your own channel with us on these three broadcast formats under the WATV banner.

Kingdom Life University and Action Evangelism believe in you and your message to the world.  If you are a businessman we have a full television studio at our campus available to record your videos for your products or services and place you on our KINGDOM BUSINESS BUILDERS RADIO NETWORK and open your own television channel on our network.  We will be training and helping equip churches and ministries with knowledge and equipment as needed.   With your own broadcaster page people will find you and connect with your vision.

Strategies for top SEO through Google tools - Kingdom Life University IT department

I have been teaching pastors groups and individuals how to rank high on google search engine.  Google search engine is the gold standard in my opinion.  Since Google owns Youtube, you can combine the strategies.  Youtube search engine is becoming a major force as well. What do I teach?  I begin helping ministries and churches and Christian businesses by suggesting 4 simple strategies:  You can check out my Youtube channel to see how it is done. We here at Kingdom Life University IT are committed to help you!

1. Open a gmail account under your church name or your individual name.
2. Once your gmail account is open, immediately activate your google+ account.
3. Open a google blog called "blogspot".  It can be found on your gmail bar under the 
drop down menu.  That is the 6 little dots in a square next you your picture.  Study that six dot drop down menu as they show you all the google tools you can use.
4. Open your own youtube channel.  Begin uploading videos..they don't have to be long and can simply be done with a smart phone or simple video camera.  Remember the better quality videos you produce and publish, the more listeners you will get.  

Remember in everything...CONTENT REIGNS.  Strategies without good content are short lived.  Give something of value in your google blogspot posts and your youtube videos. People will keep coming back for more.  We at Kingdom LIfe University are committed to get your message out to the world.  We will assist you and help you set up your google tools. Watch for workshops and pastors meetings where Dr. Brandt is speaking.  Come to those meetings.  The video below was taped at one of those meetings.  Then most of all... GET STARTED with the simple google tools.  I will explain in the next post, how to combine these 4 strategies together for maximum SEO.  SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Online Christian University

With the latest technology, Kingdom Life University has the latest software to bring accessible and affordable higher Christian education to YOU.  With remote campuses both in America and many nations, believer's are being raised with biblical knowledge and kingdom truth.  Each Kingdom Life University student will write their own "living commentary" of the entire New Testament chapter by chapter.  This curriculum is strongly biblical, Christ-centered and kingdom oriented. Pastors, missionaries, businessmen and women, Christian workers and regular laymen and women are finding Kingdom Life University exciting, anointed and contemporary.  With schools of study in biblical knowledge, kingdom business, missions, evangelism, aviation, media and the arts of dance and music, a great variety of learning and life application will be experienced.  For the price of a specialty cup of coffee daily, you can be a full-time student with this excellent accredited University.  Klu is part of the over 50 year old Action Evangelism Association that has been reaching different nations.  Dr. Jerry Brandt, founder and president of both Action Evangelism and Kingdom Life University, has spent years taking the gospel to the Philippines, Haiti, India and Central African nations from Liberia to Kenya. Experience the excitement of and education built on years of practical application of the gospel to the nations.  The "Decade of Destiny" vision of Action Evangelism is believing the gospel of the kingdom will be preached to all nations and dialects by 2020.  This vision began in 2010.  Watch the video to see how this vision is working.  For more information and to register for KLU go to FIND OUT MORE. 


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Best Faith Based Christian Education

The best faith based Christian education is found in a college or university that majors in biblical truth and has a quality curriculum.  Kingdom Life University is that kind of university.  I often say, "Wisdom comes from above, knowledge comes from good content based on truth."  Are you searching for a online university or collage that delivers? You have found it with Kingdom Life University.  Birthed out of a vision for the nations, KLU has started remote university satellite campuses all over the world. Now students are enrolling and satellite campuses are opening throughout America and the western world.  With 60 national directors in many nations overseeing often multiple campuses, we have the leadership to train, education, equip and empower many for ministry. 

The best thing about Kingdom Life University is that God has anointed and appointed it to make a difference in your life and then prepares you make a difference in your world!  With a strong Kingdom emphasis, you will learn that real authority and power comes through a vital relationship with the King, Jesus Christ.  You will write you own "living commentary" of the entire New Testament through your two year study with Kingdom Life University. The power of this kind of education is the change that comes through a greater revelation of God's word and the person of Jesus Christ.  KLU is the place you have been looking for. We believe that all Christians are in ministry, whether in the marketplace, at home, or in a church.  We say KLU is tripple "A".  Affordable, accessible and accredited.  You can take your entire two year studies on your smart phone or tablet.  All your tests are online and automatically posted to your transcript.  Affordable?  Yes, for the price of a specialty cup of coffee daily, you can be a full-time KLU student.  To complete your two year Associate Degree, takes approximately 9 - 10 hours of study a month.  You can also attend a local satellite campus in your city if one is available. Please go to REGISTER HERE to view the student handbook and review the two-year curriculum.  Return to the REGISTRATION PAGE and take the steps into a new level or education.