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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Introducing Rev. Robert Burchett

God continually sends us excellent and capable people to assist in the vision to raise up Kingdom Life Universities. Bob will be primarily working in the USA and other Western nations interested in opening their own Kingdom Life University campus in their church or business.  With our turnkey online academic program, it is simple and effective.  Disciple your people with a dynamic and greater understanding of the word of God.  KLU is committed to make it as easy as possible for all people to get an Accredited Associate Degree.  Writing your own "Living Commentary" of the entire New Testament is one of life's greatest experiences.  It can be as extensive as your make it with KLU giving the guidance and outline of every chapter in the NT.  Our graduates are making a difference.  Rev. Jack Fuller, who was our first accredited degree student has just returned from the field of Zambia.  His report brought us all to tears as he shared how God moved in that nation with authority and power.  All the public schools opened to him for two hours a day.  He has led tribal chiefs to the Lord in two major areas of Zambia and has resulted in wide spread conversion.  His first tour to Zambia after getting his KLU training on kingdom authority resulted in him leading over 2,600 people to Christ!  That is the spirit of KLU!  We are evangelistic and kingdom and believe it is time to finish the harvest.  You can receive that same revelation of authority and power for your business, your church and your city. This is your time, your place & your destiny.  Your can reach Bob at Kingdom Life University through his email address.... You can still receive a tremendous discount for this entire years tuition until to the end of January.  This is only available for a limited time.  To register, go to:  MY JANUARY DISCOUNT.  

                                         Meet Rev. Robert Burchett - KLU Admin

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