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Monday, August 3, 2015

Mark - Gospel in ACTION

Mark gives us one of the most exciting narratives of the life of Jesus.  40 times Mark says, "Jesus immediately" did something or appeared somewhere.  This is definitely the action gospel of the four synoptic gospels.  The entire temptation of Christ is found in only one verse in chapter 1.  Mark distinctly traveled with more of God's great heros of the faith.  He went with Peter, Paul, and Jesus Himself.  His writing style is short, concise and full of meaning.  You can follow the study through the book of Mark with me.  This will eventually become of our accredited courses and will be taken off line.  But during these studies you can follow me week to week.  You can find these studies at my YOUTUBE CHANNEL.  I will be posting the latest ones for you to follow each week.  Here is one of the exerpts from this study that gives you some of the passion and depth of this book.  

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