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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

House Divided - Kingdom Of God Youth Culture

This post has the potential to bring criticism on me that perhaps might bring some change in the church.  One of the purposes of the gift of apostolic authority is to bring correction in the body of Christ.  I am proposing that the modern church has abandoned the biblical framework for the youth today. That is why we are loosing almost 80% of our so called Christian children who choose to abandon their faith before college. We have divided the home by putting our young people into age segregated youth programs that have substituted "fun times" and entertainment venues for FATHERS that should be mentoring their children and providing an authentic Christian example.  I am going to make a bold statement.  There is not one example in the bible for segregated youth programs. This philosophy began way back in the Sunday school movement years ago.  It came out of the Platonic notion that the state can better raise your children than you can.  This secular culture lie has permeated the culture of the church. Youth pastors have become the new loyalty of the hearts of children, not their parents, particularly the fathers.

This thought became evident to me recently when the Holy Spirit instructed me to began mentoring my son, Chris.  Since that Holy Spirit conviction came upon me, I have been systematically teaching Chris through the book of John and have a commitment to take him into the community for outreach to the needy once each month. Hopefully I am providing an authentic life example of Christ that will help him get grounded. I pray with him each night before bedtime.  I purposefully engage conversation with him about life and issues facing him each day. I, for sure, am not a perfect dad, but am learning after many years what's most important to my family.

My heritage was a father who took me to church along with my other 4 siblings and we sat together as a family in the worship service even though 1/2 of the service was in the German language which I did not understand.  But I respected my father.  We prayed together as a family and read the word together each morning.  My father led that time each day. The church did not argue whether my father had the right to teach his family or whether a youth pastor could do it better.  I never waivered from the faith, but always loved the faith of my father.

What is the solution?  First, encourage fathers to lead in the home and instruct their children.  Second, help train the fathers through sound biblical training like our Kingdom Life University curriculum so they have the confidence to teach their families and children the bible. Thirdly, start bringing alignment to local churches who will listen.  Fourth, start "Step Up" training sessions for dad's who want to learn how to lead their families. Fifth, begin "Our Journey Together" fathers and sons and daughters bible studies in the home. Please take some time to watch the video below.  It is life changing, factual, well documented and effective.  I know we will be challenging a mind set of popular opinion, but our future of the church depends on it. Let's save our youth.


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