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Thursday, March 10, 2016

God is Pleased With You ... Amazing Truth!

My wife and I have entered many days listening to a wonderful teacher Andrew Wommack. He is on at 6:00 am on CTN network. His teaching confronts many religious notions we are taught in our churches. I also sometimes go to my study during the night to study and pray. I also have Roku in my study since we have a Roku channel "WATV". We also have a guest bed in my study so I can rest occasionally during my studies and prayer. I recently happened to put on my headsets to not awaken my family during the night and fell asleep listening to a selected teaching on Youtube. But when I awakened my Youtube channel had advanced to this message I am presenting below, I listened intently and I was aware again of the amazing simple truth God reveals to Andrew. I challenge you to take some time and listen completely through this life changing message. Andrew answers the question, "Is God pleased with me?" I challenge you to take some time to listen to this entire message. It is a truth that realigns us. It shows how our spirit man is created in true righteousness, holiness, perfection. That you walk in forgiveness of all your past sins, present sins and even future sins. Enoch in Genesis 5:23-24 wore a tee-shirt "I PLEASE GOD" so God took him right off this earth. Enoch walked by faith in a revelation of God's righteousness that came thousands of years before Christ was even born. But Enoch believed God and it was counted to him.. righteousness. How much more do we please God through the full revelation of Christ's righteousness.
                                               Andrew Wommack's Message - 
                                               God God Is Pleased With You

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