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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Call to All Korean Congress - Please pray!

Action Evangelism is a growing member of the Call to All world harvest movement.  The upcoming world congress for finishing the harvest in Korea is exciting and will be a strategic congress setting the pace for the emerging younger generation. They are expecting almost 1/2 of the 10,000 attendees will be youth.  Please pray for this gathering.  It is a movement of trying to finish the harvest by 2020.  As you know, Action Evangelism has had a heart in launching MAT Ministry Action Teams to remote villages and planting churches. We too believe the harvest can be complete by 2020 paving the way for the return of Christ according to Matthew 24:14.  We have naturally joined hands with large ministries like YWAM and Campus Crusade, etc. to be a help in finishing this massive task. The church has tried for over 2000 years to do this.  We are living the time of the completion and end of this effort.  Of the 15,300 dialects around the world, almost 3/4 have been done, translating the bible into their dialect. With new technology, we are seeing a rapid increase of this task. Many of us now believe it will be completed by 2020.  To me this is the greatest sign of the soon coming of Christ and was according the Christ's own declaration the ONLY real sign. We will not drop the ball nor stop the forward movement of doing what God has called us to do since 2005 and the prophetic word I received from Dr. Frank Brocado and intercessor Joe Brown. Persistence will win the day.  

                           Mark Anderson - Korean Global Congress - June 27 - July 1st                                 

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