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Monday, August 21, 2017

KLUonline - New Department of Biblical & Bio Science

Kingdom Life University is excited to announce the opening of a new Biblical and Bio Science department with Gordon Dacre from South Africa. Gordon has moved from South Africa to the Tampa, Florida area. Gordon has researched and developed some remarkable healing and health products and is continuing research on the affect plants and essential oils have on our health.  You can see some of the results of his outstanding work on KLU's SozoLife web page. KLU will also be presenting some of his discoveries through his department. God's original intention with man was to have him nourished off the natural products of the leaves and trees. God literally downloaded a formula to Gordon by revelation through a dream. It became something labs in South Africa had tried to discover for over 20 years.  God told Gordon, "The healing is in the blood".  This discovery literally penetrates inside the human blood cells through nano technology.  KLU will be presenting some of these products in the next two weeks.  Stay tuned to this blog. I would like to introduce you to Gordon in this video.