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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Prophetic word for 2018

We are entering a season of incredible favor and fruitfulness.  God works in seasons.  "In the fullness of time, God sent forth His Son made of the woman, made under the law." We are in a fullness of time for the message of the "kingdom of God".  It is going to grow and increase in this season because it is the end-time gospel Jesus said would preached right before His return.  This season, I believe God said, will be three years of grace and favor. 2018 - 2020.  We launched a "Decade of Destiny" in 2010 and prayed we could finish the harvest by 2020.  It is our 20/20 vision!  Let's see clearly by faith the clarion call to work while it is day.  I was raised on a farm and at the time of harvest all other activities were put on the back burner and we focused on the harvest.  This, after all, was what we had worked for the entire year.  Our season of blessing and harvest is here.  The seeds we have sown for over 50 years of ministry are coming to fruition this year!