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Saturday, November 17, 2018

This is Your Season! God's word over you!

One thing I learned growing up on a ranch in North East Colorado is the meaning of seasons.  I found that seasons change. The word the Lord gave me for this year prophetically is that we are in a season of prosperity and increase. I felt the Lord say it was a three year time of kingdom blessing from 2018 through 2020. God said keep your eyes on the 20/20 vision.  It is a great season to start a new vision or kingdom business. I saw it clearly as I always spent time between Christmas and New Years to get a word for this next year.  God showed me a pathway of blessing and abundance that was coming to the body of Christ and individually for those who received the word. I had a sort of vision of the path before us forming into green grass and green trees with abundant fruit hanging on itls limbs.  

Then the Lord shared that we are sowing seeds and creating that pathway with our words.  We are literally creating with the confession of our mouths.  My son plays video games and one of the games creates the visual pathway as he runs down that path. Every word you speak is a seed you sow on your future pathway. So it is important that we finish this year with powerful confessions of His blessing and abundance on our lives.  To hear this short prophecy again for 2018, just click on the link to the video.

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