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Monday, August 29, 2016

Luke 21 - 22 Signs of the End of this Age

Jesus gives us a clear definition of how this age will end.  Many people today look to the signs of the beginning of sorrows, which is the early part of the end-times.  Things like earthquakes, pestilence and wars and rumors of wars,.  But Jesus clearly taught these are NOT the signs of the end of this age.  They are simply the continuation of sorrows that the earth has experienced for thousands of years.  Jesus said there was only ONE true sign of His soon coming.  It is found in Matthew 24:14 "When this gospel of the kingdom is preached in all the world unto all nations (ethnos-dialects) as a witness, then shall the end come".  That is about as clear as you can get, yet many, many people today on you tube and other media and proclaiming that these "beginning of sorrows" are the end. No, Jesus made it clear.  So why is Kingdom Life University and Action Evangelism so committed to help complete the harvest and bring the good news to every village of the world?  Why have we committed out life and ministry to this task?  Because we believe the words of Jesus!  It's that simple. KLU is now reaching many countries through our national directors and we will continue to do so. The only thing holding us back is needed funds.  Resources are necessary to take the gospel to remote areas.  You can help!  Please go to our website and join the "Cell Phone Missionaries" campaign.  It is one of the best ways we know today to finish the task of reaching every soul on earth.  Just go to: and click on the "Giving" button to help.  Remember, doing the works of Christ is still the best investment for eternity!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Kingdom Life University - Now fully online!

Today's technology allows us to take information around the world at the touch of your fingers.  Kingdom Life University has utilized this technology with our fully ONLINE curriculum and HD qualify videos, along with the manuals for each course. You can take your studies on your smart phone, tablet or laptop computer. All your tests are online and your grades are automatically posted to your transcript after each test. This way you can track your progress and grade average. The exciting part is you will write you own "Living Commentary" of the entire New Testament chapter by chapter.  This will be a treasure you will have the rest of your life.  Are you a businessman?  You will enjoy the courses we have on "kingdom business" and how to release the kingdom of God into the marketplace. Better yet, KLU online is fully accredited with one of the top Christian accrediting associations in the world with over 1,100 associate colleges and universities. We are also affordable.  We say that for the price of a specialty cup of coffee a day, you can go full-time to KLU and graduate with your associate degree in two years.  High school students can also take courses and qualify for their degree during their high school years. KLU is exciting, informative and inspirational. Upon completing your basic studies fo 60 credit hours, you can take courses on "Divine Health" with Drs. Jeff & Andrea Hazim, Worship with Dr. Ron Kenoly, Kingdom teaching with Dr. Jack Taylor and BAM (Believe, Achieve and Maximize) with Dr. Ron Ellis a course on winning in life!  Take your journey now into higher biblical education and kingdom business. You will find it fulfilling.  To see our handbook go to Kingdom Life University and click on the "Student Handbook" button.

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