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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Grand Solar Minimum - Now entering ice age

Planet earth goes through a cycle of warming and cooling, based on the the number of sun spots on the sun.  A major cooling period is every 400 years.  Many scientists believe we are at the very beginning of this major cooling period next year.  We have already seen the coldest November here in 2018 in over 100 years. If these scientists are accurate, and I believe they are, we should as the true church of Jesus Christ, prepare for this cycle.  The growth areas for crops are approximately 20% north and south of the equator.  That means food will become more scarce and more expensive. We can prepare for this time by planting individual gardens in our homes, even in our kitchen through hydroponic farming in trays and artificial lighting.  Also a very simple outdoor gardening can be practiced through something called, "Ruth Stout" gardening in hay.  This highly effective garden is easy to plant and maintain and needs no watering. Most of all, we as believer's should lead the way in preparations for these times.  Like the children of Issachar, we need to discern the times.  I have prepared a short video that explains this solar minimum.  Please forward this post on to others, let's get out this message.  I know the common media only talks about the deceptive "global warming".  Yes we have come off a cycle of solar maximum, which gave the impression that carbon was poisoning the atmosphere.  Please study this further for yourself.  A lot of scientific evidence is on the internet.